YOWA-Transfer Your Data from Official WhatsApp to YO WhatsApp with these Steps



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This article provides a detailed guide on how to transfer data from the official WhatsApp to YOWA (YO WhatsApp), a modified version of WhatsApp developed by third-party developers with more features than the original app. YO WhatsApp is a popular alternative for users who want a more feature-rich communication tool. It offers enhanced privacy and security protection, making it a great choice for users who want to customize their messaging app.

To transfer messages from WhatsApp to YOWA (YO WhatsApp), users don't need any additional devices, just an Android phone and a stable internet connection. They can simply follow the steps below:

Back up WhatsApp data:

  • Step 1. First, open the WhatsApp app on your phone, and tap on three dots menu in the top right corner.
  • Step 2. Select the personal Settings tab and open it from there. Then find the Chats section.
  • Step 3. Hit Chat backup and you will find the total storage space required to back up the data.
  • Step 4. Enable the bottom toggle to back up the media files.
  • Step 5. Finally, touch the green BACK UP button. Just wait until the backup is 100% complete!

Restore backup to YOWA (YO WhatsApp):

Now that we have a WhatsApp backup, follow the steps below to restore it in YO WhatsApp.

  • Step 1. Open Android Phone File Manager Storage (internal or external, depending on where your device stores WhatsApp files) and find the folder called WhatsApp.
  • Step 2. Once you have found this folder, copy it to Downloads or any convenient folder.
  • Step 3. Now rename this folder from WhatsApp to YO WhatsApp.
  • Step 4. Rename all subfolders, including WhatsApp names (e.g. WhatsApp Audio to YO WhatsApp Audio) with a little name.
  • Step 5. After renaming all folders, reopen YO WhatsApp. YO WhatsApp has the same login process as the official one, which requires a mobile phone number for login.
  • Step 6. During the setup process, YO WhatsApp will send you a notification asking you that it has found the chat backup and if you want to restore it? You just press restore and all your old chats will be restored.

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